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Fourth Annual Global Network of MDP Programs Summit 2012
The Fourth Annual Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) Summit took place from Sunday, February 5, through Friday, February 10, 2012 at BRAC Centre for Development Management (BCDM) facility in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, with the support of the summit host, BRAC Development Institute (BDI). Representatives (vice chancellors, rectors, deans, directors, and others) from all 22 MDP programs and 5 universities that are interested in developing MDP programs were in attendance, bringing together close to 70 individuals representing 18 different countries; a truly global gathering.
The Research on “The Social Impact of Microfinance on Gender Norms and Behavior” is Underway
Citizenship, a research wing of BDI is conducting a research on “The Social Impact of Microfinance on Gender Norms and Behavior,” in collaboration with Institute of Microfinance, the Population Council in New York. The research constituted of 300 rural and urban PSU’s (Primary Sampling Units) located all over Bangladesh. A community survey and mapping have been conducted in Phase I of this research.


    • Course on “Financial Services for the Poor: An Introduction”
    • BRAC Development Institute (BDI) will organize a one week  course on “Financial Services for the Poor: An Introduction” from September 15 until September 22, 2012 This course is targeted mostly to an international audience with little or no knowledge of microfinance. The course is grounded in the experience of Bangladesh but also provides a broad global picture of the state of microfinance, its emergence and challenges, the diversity of financial products on offer and the need to have a strong focus on poverty.
    • Regional Women MPs and CGST
    • The Center for Gender and Social Transformation at BRAC Development Institute in collaboration with The Asian Foundation has set up a secretariat cum resource center to support a regional network of women MPs from South Asia. The Asia Foundation (TAF) is organizing a regional conference in Bangladesh from 8 to 10 July 2012 to promote a stronger role for women in national governance in eight South Asian nations. The conference is part of a larger effort to create a regional network of women MPs in South Asia.